Tag: Psalm 73:25

Love Feast Day #6: Get Lost In His Friendship

happybirthday!Welcome to the Get Lost Online Love Feast designed to help you feast on the love of God for ten days in an effort to overcome the angst of craving a guy!

Each day I'll post worship music to focus your heart, a key Bible verse, and a prayer to pray just prior to a short devotional that'll bring your heart to the banqueting table of God for a fulfilling and relevant teaching on what your heart truly craves! (Each of these is an excerpt from a love feast chapter in Get Lost: A Girl's Guide To True Love where you can have the full experience. )

What would your friendships look like if you treated them the way you treat God? "Can you do this for me today? And this? And then, this?" It's time to change the way we do friendship with God.

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