Meet Dannah

Hi Friend, welcome to my website.


I hope you’ll find the freedom to share your story here or on my social media pages, because I believe our stories are our greatest assets. We are overcome by the “blood of the Lamb” and the “word of our testimony.” It’s not easy to share our story, so I’ll go first.

When I was eight years old, I prayed a prayer devoting my life to serving God with all my heart, mind, and soul. But I forgot to love Him well during my teen years. The plan to devote myself to the Lord was derailed by sexual pain. For many years, healing seemed elusive. But when I finally found freedom, it overflowed from my heart and I became passionate about helping other women find freedom too.

I began writing books about my journey, and when And The Bride Wore White hit bestselling status, I knew that there were many women out there who had felt the same way I did, and many more who wanted to help others avoid that pain.My mission is to encourage women of all ages to live in the freedom Christ died to give them, to equip them to heal from pain in their past, and to experience a vibrant, purpose-filled future. Are you ready to join me?

Here are some ways I am fulfilling that mission:

“Her message is one every teen girl– and each of their moms needs to hear!”
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Revive Our Hearts

For Moms & Daughters

True Girl

One of the best ways to help a girl avoid future pain and find freedom early is by giving them the opportunity for parent-child connectedness. Spending mother-daughter time helps reduce the risk of all the things your mother’s heart fears! My True Girl live events and resources teach tween girls about true beauty, modesty, and their worth in Christ. Our tour team travels to approximately 90 cities each year.

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Books and Resources

I’m always working on my next writing project, and have written over 30 books to date, translated into over 10 languages! Many of these books are great for group or individual study, and two of my favorites, And the Bride Wore White and Get Lost have accompanying video curriculums!

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Live Events and Speaking

If you told me 20 years ago that one day I would be a public speaker, I may have laughed in your face. But now, by God’s grace, I travel around the country (and sometimes the world!) bringing a message of freedom to women, teens, and tweens! I’ve been honored to speak in front of audiences at TrueWoman, CNN, Focus on the Family, and the TEDx stage. Check to see if there's an event near you. I'd love to meet you!

My Family

I live with my husband, Bob, on our hobby farm nestled away in central Pennsylvania. My journey to freedom began when I realized that I didn’t want my daughter to experience the pain I had felt for so many years. My family is my most important mission, and I have been so blessed by each of them. Our children (Robby, Aleigha, Lexi, and Autumn) are all grown up, but we are far from empty nesters. We have just over thirty fur-babes, including horses, llamas, fainting goats, and our beloved dog, who is named Moose.