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Mar 21, 2019

The #MeToo conversation in our culture has reminded us that we’re broken. For many, it has inflamed already troubling passages of Scripture where women are mistreated. Dannah Gresh has wrestled in her discomfort and found some peace. Out of it has come a powerful message asserting that we are all a part of this story. We are either the abused. Or we are the abusers. Or we are the bystanders, but no one gets a bye right now. Dannah offers you the peace she’s found and in invitation to be a part of the change in this message.

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Feb 11, 2019

How should we respond right now—today—with the abortion conversation happening in our culture? What’s wrong with the way Christians are talking about abortion? And how do we fix it? Dannah Gresh asks these difficult questions, suggests that God is an advocate for choice but also unashamedly defends life in this difficult teaching on a difficult topic.

Are you looking for more answers on tough topics regarding abortion, sexuality, and gender? We’d love for you to attend our Pure Freedom Master Class. Find out more at Pure Freedom’s Masterclass, hosted by Dannah and her husband, Bob Gresh. 

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Dec 17, 2018

Your story is your greatest asset. If you’re feeling like your story cannot contribute to the cosmic battle between good and evil, you’re being accused by Satan who doesn’t want it to be unleashed. Dannah Gresh offers three ways to overcome the lie that your story doesn’t matter in this message.

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Oct 30, 2018

Are you a girl who can’t say “no” to chocolate? Or maybe you believe that carbonated drinks are a breakfast-beverage? We all have cravings. Perhaps one of the most powerful ones many women face is the desire for a man. But just like our cravings for carbs and soda lie to us, so does our desire for a man. It must be understood so it can be controlled, or it will control you.

Dannah Gresh encourages both single and married women to face a deadly lie we believe about love and marriage that makes us give in to the craving. More importantly, she offers the solution to it. For more related content, grab a copy of Get Lost by Dannah Gresh.

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Oct 30, 2018

Emotions begin plaguing us when we are quite young. Most of today’s tween girls suffer on what is called a spectrum of angst. It’s not a matter of if they will struggle—with depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and anger—but how much. Dannah Gresh tackles the lies we believe about emotions and offers practical advice on how to control them.

For more related content, grab a copy of Lies Girls Believe by Dannah Gresh.

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Sep 19, 2018

The influence of Christianity in society is waning. American beliefs are becoming more and more post-Christian and atheism among young adults is double that of their parents and grandparent’s generations. We’re losing our kids. As a church family, we look pretty dysfunctional.

Dannah Gresh posits the thought that the family of God has always leaned a little in that direction. Join her for a look at another dysfunctional family: the Israelites, in an effort to identify the one thing we can do to save Christianity in our culture.

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Jul 30, 2018

In a world obsessed with perfect selfies, 92% of teen girls would like to change something about the way they look, with body weight ranking the highest according to a popular Dove campaign. Many women never outgrow their self-loathing, which is in deep contrast to God’s opinion of each and every woman ever created. When God looked at all of his creation Scripture records that he said, “It is good.” That includes women. That didn’t stop Dannah Gresh from an epic beauty battle, but God rescued her heart after five torturous years. Discover the secret that helped her push reset on how she felt about what she saw in the mirror.

For related content and more about living in Truth, grab a copy of Lies Women Believe, Lies Young Women Believe or Lies Girls Believe.

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Jan 15, 2018

Do you feel anxious? Are you often annoyed, frustrated, and worried? Or maybe you’re just going through some painful stuff right now. God sometimes allows us to go through a painful personal trial so that we can be used by Him for corporate revival. Dannah Gresh reveals four things that Hannah did to cooperate with God as he orchestrated a plan to use the pain of her infertility to poise a nation for revival.

For more related content, Dannah has written an entire book based on Hannah’s response to her anxiety and vexation. It’s called The 20 Hardest Questions Every Mom Faces: Praying Your Way To Realistic, Biblical Answers. 

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Oct 25, 2017

One of the most painful areas of captivity in many women’s lives is often sexual pain and shame. There’s usually no difference in the percentage of Christians vs. non-Christians who struggle with a specific area of sexual sin, resulting in a lot of pain. Can you identify?

Dannah Gresh re-aligns our definitions of purity using Titus 2, and offers good news to any woman who feels “impure” every time the topic comes up in Church.

For more related content grab a copy of Dannah’s best-selling book And The Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets To Sexual Purity.

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Oct 25, 2017

Do you like your husband? Does he know that you like him? Friendship with your husband doesn’t always come naturally. Different interests and painful memories often create distance rather than bringing a married couple together. 

Bob Gresh joins his wife Dannah for a transparent, hope-filled testimony of how God can bring sweet friendship back even when two hearts are tested by different interests and painful seasons.

Jan 27, 2016

Are the Bible’s teachings on sex out of date? Many argue that what was written by Old and New Testament writers is not appropriate for an intelligent modern conversation. Even the language, some say, is old fashioned and doesn’t have efficacy. Should we be using the word purity? Dannah Gresh puts the word on trial, and reveals three things that the Church needs to embrace as it answers the question.

For more related content on the topic of sex and purity, you’ll enjoy a book entitled What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex by Dannah Gresh.

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Apr 7, 2015

As the world exploits the beauty of women, Christians often react with extra-biblical and often legalistic rules. The result is a culture of myths that distance men and women rather than bringing them together to be a team to protect women from abuse and call men to respect. Dannah Gresh debunks four myths about modesty and presents the Truth that empowers both men and women to foster communities of respect. 

For more related content, you’ll enjoy a book entitled Secret Keeper: The Power of Modesty by Dannah Gresh.

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