And the Bride Wore White

An eight-week study on 7 secrets to purity for every teen girl!

Need some practical strategies to teach the teen girls in your life to walk in purity and to embrace God's truth about sex? In a talk-show meets Bible-study format Host Chizzy Anderson guides author Dannah Gresh and the girls of Grace Prep High School through relevant conversations and then provides snippets of spiritual teaching to kick start each week's conversation led by you. Discover the seven secrets to sexual purity that can reduce the risk of a teen girl having her heart broken by sexual sin. These short 10-15 minute videos supplement conversation, but don’t overtake your small group time. You’ll love them.

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When And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity first hit book stores, Publisher's weekly exclaimed, "The evangelical chastity movement finds a champion in Dannah Gresh!" The book has since become a classic with the greatest proof of its success being the lives of hundreds of thousands who've embraced God's plan for sexual purity. This 8 session video curriculum hosted by Chizzy Anderson features a talk-show format panel discussion followed by biblical teaching from Dannah Gresh.
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Week 1 | Chapters 1-5

Celebration Stories: Why does your sex life matter to God?

There’s a saying that goes like this: “every great love story ends in tragedy.” Consider Romeo and Juliet. They throw caution to the wind to be together and make easy, heart-defining choices to have secret moments of bliss against their family’s wishes. In the end, they commit suicide because their relationship is opposed. It’s an applauded classic love story, but best-selling author Dannah Gresh asks “Where’s the sunset? Where’s the happily ever-after? And where’s their pulse?!” She’s here to offer a better alternative for your great love story.

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Week 2 | Chapters 6-7

Processing & Dreaming: Getting off the boy-crazy train without giving up the idea of a boy

Virginity is not a popular topic. Consider the controversy when a celebrity or famous athlete claims to still be waiting? Why is virginity the only sexual choice that doesn’t get a little bit of our culture’s tolerance? Of course, don’t look to the Church at large for a better conversation. Headlines from Christian media claim “Purity has become a problem.” Another one reads “Virginity is Christianity’s main idol.”

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Week 3 | Chapters 8-9

Worth: Does the length of my skirt really matter?

Miniskirts. Belly rings. Nose rings. Best-selling author Dannah Gresh says modesty matters. Her critics say teaching modesty is repressive and sends the wrong message to young women. We’re back on the And the Bride Wore White set today to talk it out.

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Week 4 | Chapters 10-11

Bold Love: Counting the cost of living a life of purity

Do you have a strand of pearls in your jewelry box? If so, imagine this. A pearl that is worth $11 million! Yes, such a gem exists. Can you imagine!? Today, Dannah Gresh is going to tell you what a single, simple pearl has to do with writing a beautiful love story.

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Week 5 | Chapter 12

Wisdom: Inviting your parents into your dating life

Buckle up to talk about the most controversial chapter in And the Bride Wore White. It’s not on the topic of sex, or modesty, or guys. Dannah Gresh says the chapter she gets the most complaints about is the chapter on PARENTS! Should they be involved in your love life? Yes or no! We’ll help you circle an answer today.

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Week 6 | Chapter 13

Processing & Dreaming: Getting off the boy-crazy train without giving up the idea of a boy

Months after writing And the Bride Wore White, Dannah Gresh found herself facing invitations to travel the country to speak on the topic of sex. A self-proclaimed “extreme introvert,” the opportunity terrified her. But she asked God to infuse her with passion if there was something she’d missed in her studies on the topic of sexuality. That prayer led her to discover one powerful word in the Old Testament and has fueled her to say yes to speaking invitations around the world for the past fifteen years.

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Week 7 | Chapter 14

The Gift: Why did God create sex?

Today’s teenage girl is taunted with sexual freedom and sexual pleasure, but is it really as great as Hollywood makes it out to be? Dannah Gresh has had a voice on platforms such as CNN, FoxNews and has even delivered a TED Talk defending the fact that sexual self-control provides the way for a fulfilling romantic life. She reveals a claim social scientists make about sex that’s so startling she calls it “the Revenge of the Church Ladies!”

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Week 8 | Chapters 15-17

m.o.r.e.: How to find someone you can REALLY talk to

No one sets out to have their heart broken. But about 50% of high school girls listening to this will find themselves sexually broken before they graduate from high school. Is it a purity ring or a signed abstinence pledge? The panel debates the value of these tools and Dannah reveals the one thing that really does reduce the risk.

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