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Click Here For A Good Time (For a while anyway)

I've devoted the last fifteen years of my life to studying sexuality and I know what the research says. More porn and erotica—the twisted sisters of visual and written sensuality for the express purpose of arousal— equals less real sex. That doesn't sound exciting to me. It sounds very "vanilla." (Aptly, that is the word used by many readers of Fifty Shades of Grey to describe leader character Christian!) But because some of you don't believe me—and some of you really do and what to share the information—here are a few sources for you to begin your own study of the impact of porn and erotica on the sex lives of humankind. Keep in mind that more has been done to study porn than erotica, but I believe they are similar and function the same in terms of brain chemicals and consequences. Beware. These sources can be a little bit steamy, so don't click for more unless you're mature enough to handle it.

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