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Single Desire: How Can I Satisfy My Desire To Rescue A Man?

If you’re conflicted by the fact that you find Johnny Depps’ Captain Jack Sparrow sexy, you’ve come to the right place. The treacherous, badly groomed pirate swoons the hearts of women despite that fact that he’s most likely incapable of sustaining a long-term relationship. (Never mind the fact that he’s fictional.) Recent studies suggest that women

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nonSpeed Dating for Dummies: is he willing to inconvenience himself for you?

Take a breath. Slow down. Dating doesn’t have to be so rushed. It does have to be right. [Bonus material from Get Lost.]   I have enjoyed a special connection with Nessie and her mama Scout. I was Scout’s midwife when Nessie came in to the world. You can see us cleaning Nessie,—just moments old—, as

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