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Are You Boy Crazy?

Are you boy crazy? Well, take my little test to find out. Have you ever... •Ditched a friend for a guy? •Prayed endlessly that God would make a certain guy notice you? •Changed your relationship status before you knew how he felt for sure? (Should I keep going?

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Mom, Did You Wait?

I was driving down the highway listening to the familiar voice of Dr. James Dobson. Suddenly the host asked his guest, “What is the most common question a young girl will ask her mom about sex?” Without delay the woman responded, “Mom, did you wait?” I pulled my minivan to the side of the highway and allowed

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Click Here For A Good Time (For a while anyway)

I've devoted much of my life to studying sexuality and I know what the research says. More porn and erotica—the twisted sisters of visual and written sensuality for the express purpose of arousal— equals less real sex. That doesn't sound exciting to me. It sounds very "vanilla." Here are a few sources for you to begin your own study of the impact of porn and erotica on the sex lives of humankind.

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Is BDSM Really All That Bad?

Posted by Bob and Dannah Gresh Last week I (Dannah) wrote a blog entitled I'm Not Reading Fifty Shades Of Grey. The applause and outcry were mingled with questions. And tough questions they are! I would really not prefer to be the one to answer them, but someone has to.

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