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Dear God's Girl Whose Dreams Have Been Crushed...

Dear girl whose dreams have been crushed, This is not the end. It may feel like it. The grief may come in waves so deep that you can't catch your breath at times. Breathe. Breathe.

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Are You Lonely At Church?

I know what it's like to feel lonely. Oh, I didn't look lonely. Bob and I were active at church and always hosting parties in my home complete with a legendary baked bean and coleslaw food fights. My life looked fun. But I was sad, and my body could not contain it anymore.

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Four Things To Know About Intersexuality & Gender Dysphoria

What would you do? The child you know and love—and was raised as a boy before you met and the adoption was official—wants to be raised as a girl. The catch: doctor's cannot really say for certain if this child is a girl or a boy. This child has a medical condition known as intersex.

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Is God In Charge Of How Many Children You Will Have?

"I feel like I am giving God the finger," a young mother wrote to me recently. Her struggle was birth control. She was using it, and had a sense in her spirit that she was telling God she didn't trust him and that He was not in control of her life. She's not alone.

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Three Ways To Find Your Million Dollar Mate

Finding the right mate is hard. What if you could use a method that guaranteed you'd find someone who would go the distance with you and would meet the deepest longings of your heart? Your answer to that question could reveal something important.

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Will Your College Choice Impact Your Sexual Behavior?

Once when I was speaking at a campus event at a Big Ten University, a couple approached me. He was a football player—all but worshipped in a town where the blood runs the same color as the team uniforms. Proud as could be, he stood beside his girlfriend to tell me that they were using his “celebrity” status to encourage purity on the sex-saturated campus. “Whenever we get the chance we share our philosophy?” he beamed…with a little too much pride, I might add. Noticing a look of distinct shame on her face, I felt the need to clarify.

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Does Teaching Purity Contradict God's Grace?

"I’m just not seeing the message of grace presented in these purity and modesty movement," a woman once wrote to me. "Why did Jesus die on the cross? We are righteous because of Jesus, not because of our works. ... I am all about ...waiting to have sex until marriage and using common sense in dressing in a manner that is respectful to yourself and those around you. But these are conversations that play such a minor role in the fabric of our lives. The Gospel is about Jesus and God’s grace, it’s not about purity."

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Revenge of The Church Ladies

Can spiritual women also be sexually satisfied? It's a sad question to have to ask, but the incomplete manner in which the Church has answered sexual questions does mandate that we discuss it. If you're one of my more modest followers, please don't be disappointed but this article isn't for you. However, if you're a spiritual woman trying desperately to make sense of sexual desires and often finding answers outside of the Church, read on! I don't want you to find yourself falling for counterfeits in the quest. A lot of women have.

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Should We Stop Using The Word "Purity"?

I once opened my blog to moderate comments on a post titled "Was Mary A Virgin?" Suddenly, I was being accused of "slut-shaming" for using the word virgin. What!? It was the VIRGIN Mary who I was writing about! The comments were just the crest of a wave of frustration I've heard lamenting that the word purity has no efficacy. So, let's put it on trial today and see where we land.

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