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We both felt the nudge of God's spirit to slow down and get honest. But we didn't. We kept making a lie our refuge. Eventually, Bob got to the point where he had to tell me the whole truth. 

He did, and we want to share those words with you in the short video below. 


Now maybe hearing the whole truth from your husband terrifies you. It did me. Satan likes to lie to us, telling us that the truth will be too devastating. But the truth, although not always pain-free, is never destructive, it ALWAYS sets us free. Jesus said, "If you abide in my word, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:31 - 32)

We had to get up from the red chairs and work out that freedom. Here is something that is really important. We did not work alone. You need a community of people who love you and can support you through this, but they need to be two things. First and foremost they need to be rooted in Biblical truth, and they need to have clinical knowledge and understanding of how addiction works.

Thankfully, we did find resources that helped lead us to freedom. From that journey, we have created some additional resources we want to share with you. We pray it helps with your journey. 

3 Resources to Begin Finding Freedom:

  1. I invite you to listen to our podcast titled Happily Even After: A Redemption Story Podcast.
  2. Need some biblical, clinically informed advice for how to navigate your husband’s battle with lust and pornography? Get a copy of Happily Even After: Let God Redeem Your Marriage by Dannah Gresh. (That's me!) Read a FREE sample chapter, “This Is His Brain (and Sadly Yours) on Sin.” It contains useful research to help you understand why you need and deserve help when your heart is wounded by your husband’s sexual sin.
  3. Do you need help getting started? Join me, Bob, and our team of therapists for an encouraging evening of Truth-filled redemption hope. Register for our online workshop for couples here.