Habakkuk Study Videos

A six-week Bible study on the book of Habakkuk

THE BOOK OF HABAKKUK is about learning to believe that God is good and maintains control even when there is so much evil and tragedy in the world around us. Though this book is often overlooked during times of peace and prosperity, it has tended to be studied when believers needed to learn how to talk to God during epic events. We need the lessons of Habakkuk always, but in an urgent and desperate way during difficult seasons. Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Silent is a six-week study for personal or group use. Each week, the videos offer a kick-off lesson to supplement your homework. These 25 to 30 minute videos will kickstart your conversation time. A downloadable group conversation guide is available to use after each week of homework starting with week #2.

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Week 1

Why Would I Want to Study Habakkuk?

Are you frustrated with God? Sometimes the world is so broken, it’s hard to believe that a good God could possibly govern the hearts of men. Ironically, this podcast series ended up being recorded just as the world was coming out of quarantine in the middle of 2020 when a worldwide pandemic was rocking the globe. Kind of fitting, don’t you think? Learn how to talk to God when you’re frustrated.

Week 2

Why Does God Seem Silent

Have you ever been homesick? Maybe you cried your way through nights when you were away at camp for the first time? Or perhaps you would have done almost anything for a homecooked meal made by your mom or a hug from your dad when you were in college? It’s possible you’ve ached to hold your babies when you were away from them on a trip. They don’t call it home-SICK for no reason. It’s painful, all-encompassing, and just feels...wrong. We’re all longing to feel like we’re home and that the only true remedy lies in decoding “the message in God’s silence.”

Week 3

Is it OK to question God?

Have you ever asked the questions like this: Why GOD!? When are you going to DO something? Are you even there!? The prophet Habakkuk asked questions like this on the backdrop of a world that was full of terrible evil. The presence of his book in the Bible is our permission slip to wrestle with God when our world seems overrun with everything wrong. But there’s a right way and a dangerous way to ask your questions of God.

Week 4

Why is it so hard to hear God when I’m hurting?

During painful times, many people lament that the seeming absence of God’s voice and activity. When you can’t hear God, maybe part of the problem is that you’re talking too much! More specifically, it’s hard to hear someone if you’re not taking time to listen! Using one powerful verse, you can learn to position yourself to hear God in four specific and powerful ways.

Week 5

What’s the right kind of fear

Do you ever hide behind other people when you’re in taking a group photo? Or feel afraid of asking for help because you don’t want to inconvenience people? These could be symptoms of pride. It’s not just boastful, obvious self-centered behaviors but also belittling habits that could indicate a significant battle with pride. And the Bible says God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Learn five characteristics of prideful people as communicated in Habakkuk’s conversation with God.

Week 6

Amazed! Amazed!

We want the glorious, miraculous stories of Daniel and his lion’s den...and of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego who came unbound out of the firey furnace. But, are we willing to endure the lion’s den and the firey furnace for the gift that you can find within them? Explore both the book of Habakkuk—where the prophet writes about events to come—and to Daniel—where the words Habakkuk wrote prove to be true. And she invites us to be double amazed!