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A Modest Proposal For My Critics

FtWayneIn the past thirty days, CBS has issued a modesty code for celebs attending the Grammy's while Christian websites and blogs have decried the modesty movement. Has the world been turned upside down? I encourage you to look at this very graphic visual showcase of just what caused CBS to become so "conservative." If a picture paints a thousand words, these five might paint a few million! The Daily News' pictures of Lil' Kim, Pink, J-Lo, and Toni Braxton are all the reason we need to speak of modesty to our daughters. (In an ironic twist, Lady Gaga is the most modest of them all in this photo review of breasts, bellies, and buttocks.) Meanwhile, some Christians are saying out loud that the modesty movement might be harmful to women. I'm reading what they have written and seeking God's heart so that I can learn from them. In fact, I'm even fine-tuning the language at my Secret Keeper Girl website to reflect some thoughts in their critique. (I so appreciate the good thinking of writer's like Jonathan Merritt who walks the fine line of embracing truth and demanding grace. He is posing questions, not casting undue and untruthful criticism.) My heart is aching at some of the things I'm reading from other writers: "Dannah Gresh's "Secret Keepers" is teaching girls to hate & be ashamed of their bodies. Absolutely deplorable, esp under the 'good xian' guise." Since my name keeps popping up, may I speak in to this?

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