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What You Must Know If Someone You Love Loud-Talks During Zoom Calls

By Dannah Gresh Does anyone in your house LOUD-TALK during a Zoom call? Before the swell of Zoom use in 2020, women had no forewarning of the reality that many men have an inability to talk at a normal tone when on a Zoom call, including my husband Bob! Confession: this made us talk loud

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Be Still

There’s an appropriate human response to God’s divine providence.  Do people see this quality in you? It seems that 2020 and 2021 are twins. Perhaps not identical, but for sure carrying some of the same DNA. They both seem to contain the genetic code for life-altering setbacks. Well, I’ll get right to the good news

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Do The Next Right Thing.

People Are Watching You Do The Next Right Thing. (Or not.) I needed a massage. Ok, let me correct that sentence: I wanted a massage. Somehow it seemed like just the comfort I needed to give me the “umph” to get through yet another week of pandemic decision- and opinion-fatigue. But I’d travelled outside of

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