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The Day My Husband Broke My Heart

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The Naked Truth About Clothing

Nakedness is not always bad. Some Christian circles or legalistic groups make it seem as if it is, but I disagree. Nudity is to be mutually explored and celebrated within the marriage bed. A husband should be satisfied by his wife’s breasts. (Prov. 5:18–19). And a woman has ample right to ask for her husband’s

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Why I Wished I Hadn't Cussed At My Husband

By Dannah Gresh “A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness breaks the spirit!” (Proverbs 15:4) Sadly, I have learned this first hand.  Many years ago, Bob and I attended a week-long marriage retreat where we got some one-on-one time with a counselor. He claimed to be a Christian and I think he

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What You Must Know If Someone You Love Loud-Talks During Zoom Calls

Does anyone in your house LOUD-TALK during a Zoom call? Before the swell of Zoom use in 2020, women had no forewarning of the reality that many men have an inability to talk at a normal tone when on a Zoom call, including my husband Bob! Confession: this made us talk loud to each other

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Future Hope

All of us are going to die. Will you be content with how you’ve lived? I’ve got to be honest. This COVID-19 pandemic got me thinking a whole lot more about how incredibly finite I am. (Translation: I’m more aware that I’m going to die than I have ever been.)  I don’t think that’s bad.

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Be Still

There’s an appropriate human response to God’s divine providence.  Do people see this quality in you? I’ll get right to the good news about that because the headlines provide us with plenty of the bad. Are you ready? The next setback may be God’s set up for a comeback. Of course, it’s also possible that

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Do The Next Right Thing.

People Are Watching You Do The Next Right Thing. (Or not.) I needed a massage. Ok, let me correct that sentence: I wanted a massage. Somehow it seemed like just the comfort I needed to give me the “umph” to get through yet another week of pandemic decision- and opinion-fatigue. But I’d travelled outside of

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I Cried Today.

Do you need permission to grieve? I want to be as transparent as I can so that you can avoid a trap I’ve fallen into. Bitterness has me in its bonds and I’m fighting to get out. As we come to the anniversary of the first time most of us heard the word coronavirus, I

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A Great Depression Recipe to Bring Hope In Hard Times

Hello, my friend! And welcome to my kitchen. Well, it’s my mom’s kitchen in this photo and the attached mouth-watering video. At least, it’s mouth-watering to me, because I grew up knowing that Nana’s Beef Pot Pie had one important ingredient: love. Keep scrolling if you like to watch the art of food because my

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Four Things I Learned About Racism in One Book of the Bible

Let's talk about a sin that’s been around for a very long time. I have always had a sensitivity to the unity of the human race. When I wrote my first book cover for True Girl, I wanted diversity reflected on the cover and have always sought to have a team of women on stage

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