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Why Does God Seem Silent Sometimes?

People say that God is never late. I say that He sure seems slow sometimes. Why doesn’t He answer your prayers to bring you someone to share your life with or someplace to call home? The medical breakthrough that could bring you a new lease on life or the help you need when you’ve been

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What is Your Mission?

This blog can also be downloaded as a free e-book that includes worksheets and space to write your mission and goals. You can download the e-book here. It’s easy to take a look around at our world and feel overwhelmed by the pain and brokenness. The voices surrounding sexuality and gender are almost deafening. Everyone

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Why I Changed the Name of Secret Keeper Girl

“I just don’t feel like my story could be useful on this stage.” Those were the words of a Secret Keeper Girl intern who was just about to lead worship at one of our events. The enemy of her soul was lying to her and telling her that her story disqualified her from being used. But Kaycee’s* story did

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How To Overcome Self-Loathing

I often looked in the mirror and loathed what I saw. This was particularly true when I was a teenager, though the emotional pain has surfaced at other times in my life. You too? How bad did it get? For me, I made a ridiculous vow to never look in the mirror. This was, of

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So . . . About Your Daughter’s Emotions

In recent years, I traveled across the country to eleven cities, made coffee, and invited mothers of tween daughters to tell me how I could encourage them as they seek to raise girls. One thing really has moms freaked out: emotions. Words mothers used to describe their daughters included insecure, embarrassed, confused, stressed out, angry,

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A Modern Understanding of Ancient Truths

More than once, I'm sure you've been told that the Bible’s view of sex is old fashioned. It happened so long ago that there's no way it could possibly be relevant to what we're facing today! So we did some digging and decided that before we look at this “old-fashioned” essay by the Apostle Paul

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Your Brain on Sex

If you're having sex, you should know what it does to your brain! Did you know that when you have sex, your body makes a promise to your partner even if you don't? Even in the most casual consumer relationship, what God designed to happen during sex still happens. How is sex a sin against

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Lies Young Women Believe: What I Do Now Doesn't Affect the Future.

Recently, a young female celebrity who was once a sweet-faced child star was in trouble (again) for being drunk. Magazines displayed photos of her passed out in a car after a night of hard partying. Her fans quickly came to her defense. One wrote: People really need to ease up on the girl. If every

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Lies Young Women Believe: I Can't Handle the Loneliness of Staying Pure

A young girl enrolled in a Christian middle school gave voice to the great loneliness many of us feel in our quest for purity. She said: I think that at my school, having sex is normal. Everybody has either had sex or they are really close to it. That is something I struggle with a

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